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21 Nov Arranging the Home Series: Front Porch

Welcome to our blog series, Arranging the Home! When it comes to arranging and rearranging your home, the list of to-do’s, how-to’s and should-do’s seem to be endless and can really put a damper on a weekend decorator’s spirit. Be sure to check back with us each week to read about all the new tips we’ve added. This series will help you narrow down that ‘to do ‘ and ‘should do’ list, simplify your ‘how to list’ and embolden you with confidence to go where you didn’t think you could, put ting fun and creativity back into decorating . Your home will love you for it!

Below are tips on how to arrange your front porch, or, Veranda, as we say in the South to welcome guests appropriately into your home. The front porch is the first impression a visitor has of  your home . Remember-There are no second chances to make a first impression!  Whatever you decide that impression to be, it should reflect you, your home and your lifestyle. 

  • First and foremost, a well maintained approach, porch and front door is going to set the stage. Your pathway to the front door should be weed and obstacle free with landscape lighting showing the way. That also applies to the step(s).
  • Your  front door should also be well maintained – the paint or stain finish should look fresh and clean, as well as any nearby windows. Don’t forget a welcoming welcome mat!
  • Illumination! A porch light is most welcoming to nighttime visitors and provides a homey curb appeal.  Ensure you have adequate lighting with as gas or electric lanterns.
  • Arrange comfortable seating such as lounge chairs or a rocker, or even a bench if there’s room. Making this a great place to sit and enjoy your neighborhood. Be careful not to over do the furniture. If your space is limited, your space will appear smaller.
  • Designate an area for conversation or dining with your furniture arrangement.
  • Scatter ‘tini-tables for setting down drinks and small plates while entertaining.
  • Select furniture and fabrics that will withstand weather condition.
  • Just like you would for a room on the inside, layer with accessories on the outside. Starting with an outdoor rug  in color and patterns that compliment  your house colors . This adds interest to the floor and defines areas for dining and conversation.  Add pillows for comfort and more color . Then, continue your layering with lanterns for candles, a garden urn, hay baskets on the railings and fill with plants and flowers . The fun part is you can change everything with the seasons!


The size of your porch will help you determine the function. If you have a larger front porch, take advantage of this space to use for an entertainment space. Follow all of the tips above, plus:

  • Arrange your seating for easy conversation
  • Add small, yet functional, tables to set small plates & drinks

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Photographer: Laurey W. Glenn / Southern Living


Traditional Home – Interior Design: Carrie Blanck, Tres Belle Interior Design / Photographer: Werner Straube


Design: C. Brandon Ingram Design / Photographer: Hector Manuel Sanchez / Southern Living


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