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10 Nov Hidden Secrets That Will Transform Your Bathroom

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There are tips and tricks designers keep on hand to pull a room together and make it stand out from the rest. In this blog series, we are going to share some of those tips with you to help enhance your space. Today we are going to start with powder rooms andA Transition of Tradition bathrooms.

Powder Rooms:

Powder rooms are rooms that can be forgotten. Homeowners often don’t know what to do with them. We are here to tell you that you are overthinking it. A powder room is simple and small so embrace its size! Use a bright hue or bold wallpaper to make it pop! Adding a fun light fixture or interesting vanity can also bring personality to the space. Don’t neglect it because it is a small space. Embrace it!

Master bathrooms:

The ideal master bathroom is one you can relax in, one you feel luxurious in, and one that will function well for your needs. Something as simple as your light placement can transform the function of your bathroom and make a task such as ladies putting on their makeup pleasant or irritating.

The typical sconce height for a bathroom is 66” above the finished floor to the center of the fixture. Never use a sconce over a mirror in the bathroom. It will cast unflattering shadows across the face. Sconces that flank the mirror will give you a more realistic and flattering light.

Transitional Spec Home

Mirrors in your bathrooms:

Martha Stewart once said, “reflections bring a room to life” and this couldn’t be truer! If possible place an oversize mirror across from a window. It will reflect more light and showcase whatever you see through the windows. It will make it appear as though there are more windows and create an airier and more open atmosphere.

A Transition of Tradition


Remember there are no hard and fast rules. Your home is yours to enjoy. So, enjoy it and don’t be afraid to live in it!

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