26 Oct Direct from a Designer – A Checklist You Need for Your Space

Think of these next few questions as the outline for your room. Do you remember when you were back in school and you would write an outline before you started to write your paper? This is the same concept. To design a cohesive space that best suits your needs, you need to outline function, flow, and key points of interest for the space.

1) The function of the space:

How will the intended space be used? What materials or items do you need for the space to function well?




2) The flow of the space: 

Think about the way you will enter, exit, and move within the space. Does the function of the  space require a lot of movement? Will there be several people moving around in the space? This will give you an idea of furniture size and placement, lighting needs, etc.


3) Key points of interest:

Every wall, floor space, and inch of the room does not need to be filled with decor. Selecting specific areas to draw one’s eye to will help organize the overall design and flow of the interior. Pick a couple of areas you want your eye to focus on when you enter the room. And splurge on nice art.

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