Transitional Spec Home

27 Mar Transitional Cape, Updated

With an exterior reminiscent of a charming Cape Cod house, Lorraine knew instantly how to approach the design of this house.


Entering into their first project together, LGV and Novella Homes, SC, approached this home with the same objectives in mind. Design and build a new home with the latest high end appointments keeping in a traditional style. Lorraine imagined this to be a long time family home where children are raised and then return with their children.


With the agreed upon concept in mind, current trends needed to be sidelined in favor of the, always on trend, classic design. Lorraine realized the interior spaces had more potential than originally laid out. By eliminating redundant rooms and opening up walls, Lorraine reconfigured the blue prints, giving potential homeowners a more generous master suite and pantry, relocating the powder room and providing a more functional kitchen, laundry room and back entry. This successful redesign paired with beautiful selections, made this home a showcase and the perfect calling card for this design/build collaboration.

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