21 Mar Shimano Experience Center

An unexpected call came in to the office of LGV from a representative for Shimano. They are a well known manufacturer of components for bicycle, fishing and rowing equipment with global distribution. They were constructing a building in Ladson, SC to be their east coast headquarters for their fishing division.


The first floor of the building would be used as a Welcome Center, a showcase for their fishing gear, meeting rooms and an indoor/outdoor space for hosting client events, complete with a casting lawn. The second floor is for product development, support offices, conference rooms and an employee lounge. Their main objective for the interior of this building was to represent an aesthetic inherent to the LowCountry and Shimano’s clients. They understood that only a local designer could translate that aesthetic into functional spaces.


Working closely between contractor and client, LGV approached the construction phase with the final results in mind. Carefully choosing all construction finishes that would support the client’s desired aesthetic. The use of tactile design elements such as handmade brick, reclaimed wood, marsh

grasses, oyster shell, and a neutral color palette all in successful support of the LowCountry aesthetic. The first step in the furnishings phase was to develop a space plan that provided ease of traffic flow and optimum seating. Next, was to choose functional and highly rated commercial frames and fabrics to withstand longterm use and occasional abuse for the predominately male industry.

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